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  Editorial Board

EDITORIAL  BOARD  2017 – 2018 

Editor –in-Chief                                             Dr. T. Nirmal Fredrick


Managing Editor                                         Dr. Murali  Ariga


Associate Editor                                          Dr. Rachula Daniel


Assistant Editor(s)  

                                                                      Dr. R. Vasumathi

                                                                       Dr. M. Nivean

                                                                       Dr. V. Sharmila Devi

                                                                       Dr. Syed Asghar Hussein

                                                                       Dr. Malathi  Nainappan

    Dr. Moses Rajamani

Journal Website                                            Dr. D. Chandrasekhar,

Ex officio                                                     Dr. V. Panneerselvan, President TNOA

                                                                     Dr. K. Rajasekar, Secretary TNOA

State Advisory Board Members:

Dr. V. Siddharthan                                              

Dr. V. Panneer Selvam

Dr. Chalini Madhivanan                                     

Dr. Sujatha  Mohan

Dr. Jyotirmay Biswas

Dr. K. Vasanth     

National Advisory Board

Dr. D. Ramamurthy                                                     

Dr. Natarajan.S

Dr. Partha Biswas                                                        

Dr. Arup Chakrabarthi

Dr. Santhosh  Honavar                                        

Dr. Rajesh Sinha

Dr. M. Vanathi                                                  

Dr. Ajit Babu Majji

Dr. Namrata Sharma                                                 

 Dr. Sunny Sengupta



Section Editors


Dr. Ramesh Dorairajan                                                                        

Dr. Jeyanthan S.                     

Dr. Atheek Sheikh                                                 

Dr. Kumaran M                                                                                    

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Dr. Sunitha Nirmal

Dr. J. Saravanan

Dr. M. Loganathan

Dr  Parthiban Purushothaman

Dr. J. Gnanaselvan

Dr. Manoj Vasudevan


Dr. Sathian N

Dr. Subhashini Kaliaperumal

Dr. Ronnie George        

Cornea & Refractive

Dr. Soosan Jacob

Dr. Veenashree

Neuro – Ophthalmology                               

Dr. V.R. Vijayaraghavan  

Dr. Navin Jayakumar

Ocular Oncology

Vikas Khetan

Orbit and Oculoplasty

Dr. Gagan Dudeja

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Squint         

Dr. Ramesh R

Dr. B. Antony Arokiadass

Retina & Uvea

Dr. Rathinam. R

Dr. Atheeswar Das

 Dr. V. Vasumathy                                                                        

Dr. Manoj Khatri

Dr. Amjad Salman

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

A. Develop editorial policies to guide the content, scope, purpose and style of the journal, conflict of interest, ethics in research, sharing of data, authorship, and to ensure that each edition of the journal is reviewed for conformity to the policies;

  • The regular and timely production of the journal publication;
  • Solicit for contributions, assist Editorial Staff Team to identify suitable reviewers, participate as reviewers, provide input on the content and direction of issues, and promote the journal widely;
  • Ensure compliance to fairness, courtesy, objectivity, honesty and transparency of submissions to the journal and in their peer review process;
  • Ensure the quality of the peer reviewers;
  • Work with Editorial Team Staff and develop annual plans including the scheduled number of
    Editorial Board meetings for the year ;
  • Reviewing annually Editorial Board membership performance;
  • Mobilising resources and other innovative means to sustain the journal publication
  • Ensure peer reviewers’ conformity to the established guidelines;
  • Recommend members to assist with the journal in an honorary capacity
  • Conduct the performance appraisal of the Editorial Staff Team annually
  • Appoint Joint and Associate Editors every year

B. Tenure of Editorial Board:  

The term of office for all members is three years.

  • The Editorial board is chaired by the Editor in Chief whose term is three-years
  • Quorum: Not less than a half (≥ 50%) of the members constitute a quorum.
  • Attendance: Members are expected to attend at least 75 percent of meetings (electronically or physically). Where this does not occur the Chair may request the member's resignation.
  • Frequency of Meetings: The Editorial Board meets at least two times (online or physically) per year.
  • Ad hoc meetings may be called by the Editorial Staff Team as necessary.


1. Composition of the editorial board

  • The Editorial Board includes the editorial staff and up to 30 experts from a wide range of disciplines covered by the journal. 
  • The members are drawn from the TNOA life members and AIOS  members, at least one third from the Institutions in Tamil Nadu.
  • Editorial staff: The editorial staff constitute the secretariat of the journal, with the duty of proposing appropriate policies to the editorial board, ensuring smooth flow of manuscripts, journal production and delivery.

The Editorial Staff Team is chaired by the Editor in Chief and the composition is as follows:

2. Editor-in-Chief, elected and appointed by TNOA

Responsibilities of  Editor-in-Chief:

  • Set the strategy for the journal by identifying short and long term goals
  • Work with Editors / team members in article selection and equitably distribute the manuscripts
  • Officially accept the articles before manuscript copy editing and production
  • Resolve questions related to ethics in publishing and journal
  • Report on such metrics as usage, articles published, rejection rate, Impact Factor and other
  • quantitative and qualitative measures;
  • Network with authors / editors in conferences and other fora;
  • Conduct and attend editorial meeting as scheduled.

3. Managing Editor and Associate Editor - 2

Responsibilities of Associate Editors:

  • Handles the manuscripts from authors
  • Commissioning articles
  • Journal layout, proof reading, liasoning with printer for bringing the journal on time
  • Promoting academic writing and marketing including use of social media 
    e.g. Linkedin, FB,  whatsapp, Research gate, Twitter, etc;
  • Networking with academicians and writers

Joint Editors 6

Responsibilities :

Are responsible for receiving articles, assign reviewers, preparing necessary documents for reviewing, and editing processes, to submission of articles for typesetting

Work in close collaboration with the Associate editors

Provide assistance to authors and reviewers, screen and process new manuscript submissions

5. Reporting Responsibilites

The Editorial Board reports to the Editor in Chief,


  • The National / State Advisors are strategic renowned researchers in the journal domain whose major role is to advise the Editorial Board on all matters pertaining to the Journal prosperity, particularly its reputation as a premiere journal not only for original research but also for other categories of scholarlyarticles specified in the journal. 




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